ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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X for x'clusive
The exclusivity of Pushtimargiya souls has been mentioned by Shri Vallabhacharya in one of his compositions called "Pushti-Pravaha-Maryada-bheda". In this composition Shri Vallabh has divided the kinds of souls into three main categories, viz. Pravahi jiva, Maryada jiva and Pushti jiva.

The pravahi kind of souls are those that fall into the category of ordinary souls. They serve the purpose of maintaining the flow of life. They just come and go like a wave without leaving any impact on the world. They are not spiritually inclined souls. Next, the Maryada jiva are those that are spiritually inclined and they try to achieve something spiritually by practicing 'Bhakti' with a specific purpose of attaining liberation.

The Pushti jiva are different from both the above kinds. They are the exclusive ones, who are chosen by God Himself to perform special duties towards God. In the 12th verse of "Pushti Pravaha Maryada bheda" Shri Vallabhacharya says that Pushti Jiva are totally different from all, they are indeed meant for serving the Lord alone and there could not be any other reason for their creation. Therefore, there is no doubt about Pushti Jiva being an exclusive and chosen one.