Vision & Mission

To engage in unalloyed devotional loving service of Supreme Lord Shri Krishna in his divine form of ShriNathji as exemplified by Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji in the'unique 'Path of Grace'.

We like to provide a unique 'Havali' for the benefit of entire New England region and beyond which will thrive as spiritual,
cultural, educational, humanitarian and social center for generations to come.

Present the timeles message of Sanatan Vedic dharma (which incorporates 'Pushti BHakti Marg') in its origininality and feartures.

Prepare future generations of Vaishnavas in the Western world with hightest wthical and moral standards, which are deeply rooted in our glorious Indian heritage irrespective of cast,color,creed,race,religion or origin.

Celebrate vibrant festivals and events throughout the year in a timely manner and fashion that creats harmony and promotes peace and understanding in the humanity.

Host all bonafide Acharyas, philosophers and thinkers in order to gain credible knowledge and understanding.