ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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U for Utsav
Right since civilization, festivals or celebrations have been very important in man's life. Especially in India, festivals have been an integral part of our lives. It is a Sanskrit saying that "men are indeed celebration-loving" ("Utsav-priyah khalu janah").

Keeping in mind, this celebration-prone human nature, Shree Gosainji gave due importance to festivals when he established the 'seva' method of worshiping. Just as a birthday is very important in every one who takes birth, in the same way, that day is very important for a Vaishnav when he is taken under the oath of 'Brahma-sambandh'. The celebration of "Pavitra Dwadashi" is done, keeping that in mind. On this day, Shri Mahaprabhuji had for the first time, given "Brahma-sambandh mantra" to Shri Damodardas Harsani. Like this, in every season, there is some or the other festival celebrated commemorating different events and occasions. These festivals serve as an excuse to get an opportunity to serve with new enthusiasm and zest every now and then. Festivals like 'Janmashtami', 'Vaman-Dwadashi', 'Sharad poonam', 'Diwali', 'Prabodhini', 'Birth Anniversary of Shri Gosainji', 'Vasant Panchami', 'Holi' etc. are some of the examples.

As it is, Every single day in the life of a Pushti devotee is like a festival because each day is blessed with a new opportunity to serve the Lord.