ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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T for Tilak
Tilak or the 'kumkum' symbol on the forehead of a 'vaishnav' is a sign that the person wearing it has submitted himself on to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna. The ' U' mark of 'Tilak' is actually the outline of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna. It symbolizes that the vaishnav holds Sri Krishna above his head. Head is the highest part of the body. Therefore, Shri Krishna holds the highest place in the life of the devotee.

T also stands for Tulsi.

Tulsi is a sacred plant, the leaves of which are placed on the lotus feet of Shri Krishna while taking the oath of 'Brahma-sambandh'. A 'vaishnav' devotee wears a 'Tulsi-kanthi' (Tulsi beads woven together in a thread) around his/her neck.

Tilak and Tulsi-kanthi both are the essential symbols that are worn compulsorily by all 'vaishnav's. They are treated as the most precious possessions for them.