ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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S for Samarpan
In Pushti bhakti the devotee has full faith on Shri Krishna. When he takes the oath of 'Brahma-sambandh', he surrenders everything including his body, his limbs, their functions, material possessions like house, property etc., all his worldly relations like wife, children etc., wealth, along with his soul to his master i.e. Shri Krishna.

Through 'Brahma-sambandh' he surrenders himself completely to God. Now he has no ownership over anything including himself. This kind of surrender is possible only in Pushtimarga. After this, the devotee treats himself as a servant to the Lord. Whatever is available to him for continuing with his life, by the grace of God is acceptable to him.

This 'samarpan' is not out of compulsion but it is out of love for Him. When you love somebody, you love him unconditionally. There are no conditions attached to pure love. The same theory applies for Pushti bhakti also. The devotee's life here, revolves around Shri Krishna alone. All his functions are for the sake of Him. That is 'Samarpan'.