ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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Q for Quest
The word 'Pushti' in 'Pushti-marg' means 'grace' or compassion. 'Pushti/Kripa' is something that is always yearned for by a Pushti devotee, for without God's grace, one cannot move ahead in this path.

In other sects of the Hindu religion, the devotee is required to fulfill some pre-requisites in order to gain fruits. E.g. If one is looking for salvation, then one has to go by the path of knowledge, one has to read books, puranas, scriptures and go to a Guru, who will teach him how to achieve salvation through penance and so on. This path is very difficult and one is never sure about its result. It all depends on one's efforts and eligibility. Whereas, in Pushti-marg, it is a completely different story.

The only criteria for an entry into Pushti-marg is nothing else but God's grace. This Kripa (grace) continues to be the criteria throughout, for success at each and every stage in this path. It is only due to His grace that one finds interest in this marg. It is only due to His grace that one comes across a guru to enter him into this marg. Again, it is only due to His grace that one is able to follow the principles of this marg, which although simple but are tough to follow in their own way. Last but not the least, it is only due to His grace that one attains the fruit of devotion. No other means are sufficient whatsoever, to experience the bliss of pure love and devotion.

Therefore, the quest for 'Kripa' goes on and on.