ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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Pushti Bhakti is also called as "Prem Lakshana Bhakti".
In other words, devotion that indicates 'love'. This 'love' again, is not an ordinary or worldly kind of love, but a special one, of the supreme kind. It is unequalled by any other kind of love that we know of. The love that the devotee experiences for God, is not experienced with anybody or anything else. It is love followed by the true knowledge of God's real nature.

This kind of love was experienced by the lady cowherds ("Gopijan") of Vraj for Shri Krishna and this alone is the kind of the 'Bhakti' which is sought by 'Pushti Bhakti'. When one worships God with Prem Lakshana Bhakti, one wants to do everything for him personally. The devotee doesn't depend on anybody else to serve his Lord. He serves him with his own body, soul and wealth ('Tann', 'Mann', and 'Dhann'). A Pushti Bhakt will not buy something readymade from the market and serve it to Him, he will not pay somebody to serve Him on his behalf. He will not go just once in a week,month or year and be content by just having a glimpse of the Lord in some nearby temple. He will not just pay some cash and enjoy ready-made 'Prasad'. This is not "Prem Lakshana Bhakti".

Instead the devotee performs every part of 'Seva' with gratitude and considers himself lucky to have got the opportunity to serve Him. He dedicates his whole life in 'His Seva' . All his senses are meant for his Lord's service. With his eyes he has His 'Darshana', with his ears he listens to His 'Praises', with his nose he enjoys the fragrance of the flowers offered to him, with his tongue he tastes His 'Prasad'. He enjoys the touch of His feet. The devotee's limbs are also always ready in His service. All this is not out of duty but out of immense love for Him. Whatever worldly activities he is bound to do, he does them without any attachment. Whatever time is left after that , he spends in listening to His 'praises' and 'leelas' . He doesn't like to spend even a fraction of a second without taking his name.

Just as a person in love keeps thinking and talking about his beloved, the devotee too spends the rest of his life in his Lord's services. This is called "Prem Lakshana Bhakti".

We can take the example of "Gajjan-Dhawan" one of the 84 Vaishnavs ,who was so deeply engrossed in his devotion that he used to lose contact with the outside world. Whenever he was separated from the deity of his worship, In his pangs of of separation, he would fall unconscious. He had attained that stage of Bhakti which is the highest of its kind. This kind of devotion does not ask for any returns , just as in true love one just gives and never demands anything from the object of his love.

In today's selfish world, one hardly finds this kind of true love, and the kind of devotion that we are discussing here is all the more rare to find. Only those, who are blessed by his grace, get to experience this 'Bhakti'. Everything depends on the Lord's 'Grace' or 'Kripa' or in other words "Pushti". That is why the name 'Pushtimarga' or the path of grace.