ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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N for Navdha Bhakti
The nine-fold form of devotion that is mentioned in the scriptures, is also followed in Pushti Bhakti.

The first among these is, "Shravana Bhakti" i.e. listening to the divine qualities of Shri Krishna, he does this with great devotion. The second one is "Keertan Bhakti" i.e. singing about the divine qualities of Him. (please refer to K for Keertan ) The third one is "Smarana Bhakti" i.e. remembering the divine 'leelas of Shri Krishna, the devotee spends his time in remembering the blissful episodes of Shri Krishna's childhood pranks and activities. Next is "Paada-Sevana Bhakti" i.e. serving the lotus feet of Shri Krishna.

Next comes "Archana Bhakti" i.e. worshiping the idol of Shri Krishna. This idol is the symbolic form of Shri Krishna given to him by his Guru. The sixth form of Bhakti is "Vandana Bhakti" i.e. obeisance paid to Him. The seventh form is "Dasya Bhakti" in this the devotee considers himself as an unpaid servant of Shri Krishna. He surrenders himself to Shri Krishna and does everything Shri Krishna inspires him to do. Next comes "Sakhya Bhakti" i.e. considering Shri Krishna as a friend. The devotee reaches that stage in devotion wherein, he starts considering God as his friend. The last form of Bhakti in this nine-fold form is called "Atma-nivedana Bhakti" i.e. offering oneself completely to Shri Krishna. The devotee dedicates everything that he possesses to God.

All these forms of Bhakti can be experienced in Pushti bhakti. Over and above all these forms is the tenth and the highest form of devotion and that is - "Prem Lakshana Bhakti".