ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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L for Leela or sport
The eternal question asked by everybody is 'what is the true nature of this universe?' The answer is simple- the world or the universe is actually a playground for the supreme soul to play his sport. Before the creation of this universe, God was all alone by Himself and so, when He could not tolerate this loneliness, He created this universe from within Himself. Simultaneously, He created different souls to reside in it, again from within Himself.

He then created such situations wherein the countless souls in it, experienced different emotions like joy, sorrow, love, hate, indifference, so on and so forth. Thus, the souls got engaged in them and the cycle of life rolled on. We all are like puppets in the hands of the supreme being i.e. God almighty. Whatever happens in our lives, it all happens because He wished so. This is what we should learn and this is what Pushti bhakti teaches us.

In various literary works of Shri Vallabhacharya, e.g. Navaratnam, Viveka-dhairya-ashray, Nibandh etc. it has been explained that the things that happen around us are only because of His leela. It is like a play or a movie wherein script has already been written and finalized by someone. The actors come, do their part and go away. The show goes on and on. Similarly, things happen in our lives according to God's own will, we simply become a mere tool in His hands and act according to his command. One who understands this, becomes free from all the miseries.