ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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K for Keertan
The importance of keertan bhakti has been praised a lot in Pushti kind of devotion right since its inception. It also comes under the nine-fold devotion that has been mentioned in the scriptures. Shri Gosainji understood the importance of Keertan, therefore he developed the system of "ashta-chhap keertan" wherein, he introduced keertans to be sang in front of Shreenathji during all the eight times of seva.

"Ashta-chhaap keertan" system was developed with the eight main keertankar (those who created and sang keertans) in mind. They were viz. Surdas, Krishnadas, Paramananddas, Kumbhandas, Govind swami, Chhit swami, Chaturbhujdas and Nanddas. These poets were no ordinary ones, but they were among very important disciples of Shri Vallabhacharya and Shri Gosainji. These poets penned the Keertans as and when they experienced the leelas of Shri Krishna by the grace of God. These Keertans have since then become an inevitable part of the daily routine of seva in Pushtimarga. One cannot think of seva without Keertan. Seva and Keertan are both complimentary to each other in Pushti bhakti. They are inseparable. Keertan is not just a poetry in Pushti bhakti but it is considered as act of seva also. It sometimes also becomes a substitute of Seva in some special cases.

When one sings Keertan (which a description of God's different leelas) with total concentration and dedication, by God's grace one can actually experience that particular leela in one's heart. Therefore, Keertan is a very important aspect of Pushti bhakti.