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Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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Jagadguru Mahaprabhu Sri Vallabhacharya
Sri Vallabhacharya was born in the noble family of such vedic scholars like Ganapati Bhatt, Gangadhar bhatt and others. He was the second child of Sri Lakshmana Bhatt and Yallammagaru. The episode of his birth is very famous in Pushtimarga. After completion of 100 Soma yajnas, Sri Lakshmana Bhatt decided to accomplish his vow of feeding 100,000 brahmins in Benaras. He had to leave this feat incomplete due to political disturbances over there and proceed south-bound along with his pregnant wife Yallammagaru.. During this journey Yallamagaru experienced premature labour pains and she gave birth to a still -born baby. Believing this baby to be dead they abandoned it below a tree and proceeded further. (In this place a picture of Shri Vallabhacharya's birth should appear on the page)

Shri Vallabhacharya as a child was extra-ordinarily wise. He finished studying all the four Vedas and all other prominent scriptures at a very early age. In the tender age of 11 years, He started his All-India tour to propagate his theory of Brahmavada which challenged the popular theory of Mayavad. During this tour, he came to the court of King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar in south India . A debate was going on in the court at that time between contemporary vedic scholars in connection with whether the world is real or imaginary whether it is created by God or not. The debate was going on for several days and no concrete solution was arrived at. At such a crucial time, Sri Vallabhacharya entered the court and to the amazement of everyone present, gave satisfactory replies to all the challenging queries and that too with scriptural evidence. All the scholars present over there, became speechless in front of him and gave their full consent to his theory of "Shuddhadwaita Brahmavada".

Thus, he re-established the theory of "Shuddhadwaita Brahmavada", which was unanimously acclaimed by all the contemporary scholars. Unanimously, they bestowed upon him, the title of "Jagadguru" which means "universal teacher". He was then honoured by being bathed with waters of holy rivers from all over the country filled in gold vessels. This ritual is known as "Kanakabhishek" (A picture of his Kanakabhishek to be displayed here)

From then on, he proceeded to other parts of the country and continued to win all the debates and thus stood qualified as the universal teacher.