ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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I for Indra-maan-bhang-leela
When Shri Krishna lifted up "Govardhan" hillock to save Gokul and its residents from the ire of Indra, the God of rains, he was given the name Govardhan-Nath.

Indra was the chief deity whom the residents of Vraj worshipped before little Krishna asked them to stop worshiping him and start worshiping the small hillock named "Govardhan. It was named 'Govardhan' because all their cattle grazed on the green grass that grew on it gave plenty of milk. Cows were the main source of income for the residents of Vraj, they sold cow's milk, curd, butter etc. and made money out of it. Therefore, when it rained properly it would help grass to grow in plenty and thus their cows would give more milk by grazing and thus their income would increase. Shri Krishna saw them worshiping Indra to please him. Shri Krishna wanted Vraj people to be totally faithful to Him alone, so he played a trick.

He asked them why not worship Govardhan itself because after all, it was Govardhan which was responsible for their cattle-growth. The innocent Vraj residents agreed with him and stopped worshiping Indra. This annoyed Indra and he ordered for very heavy rainfall over Vraj to express his ire and to punish the people of Vraj. Shri Krishna who had promised the Vraj people to protect them under any circumstances, lifted up the hillock with just one finger and called everybody under its shelter. This episode was called "Indra-maan-bhang-Leela meaning the sport of curbing Indra's ego. From then onwards, Shri Krishna was named Govardhan-Nath which means 'Master of the Govardhan'. Shri Govardhan-Nath is the name of the chief diety that is worshiped (rather served) in Pushti cult.