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Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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H for Harirayji
Harirayji was born in the fifth generation of Shri Mahaprabhuji. He was the grandson of Shri Govindraiji - the second son of Shri Vithalnathji ( Gosaiji ) and son of Shri Kalyanraiji. Therefore he belongs to the Second Seat among the seven seats of Vallabha Sect.

Shri Hariraiji was a great scholar and philosopher of Pushtimarga. He has a long list of Literary works which he penned for the benefit of the followers of this path. From childhood itself he showed signs of his heavenly qualities. He had a strong affection for 'Satsang'. There is a popular episode about him that when he was very young, he used to sit with Vaishnavas every night and sing praises about Shri Krishna and would get so engrossed in it that he would lose contact with the outside world and become unconcsious. This worried his father Shri Kalyanraiji and he forced him to stop having Satsang.

This had a deep impact on Shri Hariraiji and he started experiencing pangs of seperation from God. The room where he was locked in order to keep him from mixing with the vaishnavas got illuminated and this surprised Shri Kalyanraiji and he released him and allowed him to have satsang as usual. The most famous works of Shri Hariraiji is '41 Shiksha-Patra' which he wrote for his younger brother Shri Gopeshwarji to bring him out of the shock of his wife's sudden departure. These 41 letters are in Shloka / Sutra form teaching him about the minute characteristics of the Pushtimarga. These letters later proved to be the 'Bhagawad Gita' of the Pushti sect as they became useful for every pushti devotee, guiding him/her at each and every stage in the path of Pushti Bhakti.