ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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G for Gopijan
The gopijans are the Guru, Guides and Philosophers of this unique path of devotion. As Shri Vallabhacharya has said in one of his 16 popular literary works ( Sanyasa-nirnay ), "Kaundinyo Gopika prokta - Guravah Sadhanam cha tat" meaning Gopikas are meant to be the teachers of this path.

At many places in his various works, Shri Vallabhacharya has praised the Gopikas as greatest devotees of Shri Krishna. Their love for Him was purely selfless one. They were no learned sages or highly enlightened saints in the conventional form but their selfless love and devotion has been praised by one and all.

It is said that the kind of devotion that these cowherd ladies of 'Vraja" had for Shri Krishna is yearned for even by the devatas but it is not available to them. It was only because of God's grace that they were bestowed with this highest form of devotion.

Uddhavji, whom Shri Krishna had sent to Vrindavan in order to give these Gopis the true knowledge about 'Brahman", himself came back from there after learning about purest form of devotion. He has praised these ladies for their greatest contribution to human kind in the form of pure love, which is doing the job of purifying this universe, which is full of selfish people.

The more it is written about Gopijan, the lesser it falls to be, because what they have achieved is the final goal of every pushti devotee.