ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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F for Fruit
It is a universal rule that there is a reaction to every action. There is a particular result of each and every act that one does. The same goes for spiritual activity also. There are hundreds of religions all over the world, and again there are different paths for following these religions. Pushtimarg, which is one of the sects of Hindu religion, has its own goal to achieve. The fruit or the reward of Pushti kind of devotion is of a unique nature.

According to vedic scriptures, there are three ways to achieve salvation, viz. Karma-marga (performance of vedic rites and rituals), Gnan-marga (the path of knowledge through study of upanishadic and other similar literatures and the third is Bhakti-marga (path of devotion).

Bhakti-marga can again be divided into two parts, viz. Maryada bhakti and Pushti bhakti. Maryada kind of bhakti has a specific way of practicing it. It is practiced with a goal of achieving liberation. The devotee gives up the worldly pleasures and dedicates his complete life to the deity of his worship. When the devotee becomes eligible, the deity of his worship gives him liberation and the devotee is freed of undergoing the cycle of life forever. That is the limitation of Maryada bhakti.

Pushti bhakti does not limit itself to liberation. Liberation has no bliss in itself. The Ananda (bliss) aspect of Shri Krishna is what a Pushti devotee seeks through his devotion. This Ananda lies nowhere else but in Shri Krishna's Bhakti alone. Therefore, the devotion in the initial stage acts as a means (Sadhana-rupa-Bhakti) of achieving that Bhakti which is a reward of this 'Sadhana-rupa-Bhakti. This Phal-rupa Bhakti is unequalled to anything in this world. This Bhakti is full of bliss and can only be experienced rather than told.