ABC of Pushtimarg
Mahaprabhu Shree Vallabhacharya
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B for Brahmasambandh
Brahmasambandh is the second stage in the pursuit of Pushti bhakti. After obtaining entry into Pushtimarga through Ashtakshara mantra, which is a prerequisite, one becomes eligible for Brahmasambandh. It can be obtained from any direct male descendant of Shri Vallabhacharya. Ashtakshara mantra introduces one to this sect after which one should try to be in touch with the sect by reading books relating to it (e.g. the episodes of 84 Vaishnavas and 252 Vaishnavas, the 41 Shikshapatras etc.). Through these books one gets the true knowledge of Pushtimarga . The idea is to gain knowledge and thus the seed of love for the Lord is sown in the heart of the devotee. The devotee should try to be in the company of other followers of the sect to become more and more familiar with it.

By the grace of the Lord, the devotee now feels a kind of emptiness within himself without the Seva of the Lord, and thus he starts feeling pangs of separation and immense love for Him. He can no more stay without His Seva. This is the state when he becomes eligible to obtain Brahmasambandh mantra and further pursue His Bhakti which is also known as Prem-Lakshana Bhakti.

The word Brahmasambandh literally means "association with the Supreme entity". Through this mantra the devotee establishes a never-ending association with the Lord which helps him enjoy the eternal bliss that is the part of the Lord's divine form. Thus the bhakti obtained is of the highest form.  

In this mantra, the devotee pledges to give away his own self and everything that he has authority over, in the name of Lord Shri Krishna. From then on, he accepts to serve the Lord alone, for the rest of his life. He then, has no need to worship any other form or deity as they all reside in the Supreme form of Lord Krishna alone because He is the creator of the entire universe and all the deities have emerged out of Him only. The devotee's only duty that now remains is to serve Him. According to Siddhanta-Rahasya ",a small work of Shri Vallabhacharya, the devotee must dedicate everything that he does to the Lord alone. He should offer to the Lord First , everything that he consumes in his daily life. By doing so, all the impurities that may be in those things are removed and they become as pure as God himself. In this way, when one comes in contact with pure things , there is lesser and lesser possibilities of any impurities in life. Purity is the prime criteria for achieving the fruits of Pushti Bhakti.