About us
The primary goals of the organization are:
  • Promote religious awareness among all devotees of Hindu religion
  • Preserve the religion through practice and learning process
  • To educate children and young adults in Pushti Margiya teachings.
  • To inculcate family values and virtues of vegetarian lifestyle, free of drugs and alcohol.
  • To conduct classes in various facets of Hinduism and Indian culture, arts, languages and yoga.
  • To setup a library and to acquire books and manuscripts of Hinduism including Pushti Marg, Indian culture, Indian arts and other related topics.
  • To conduct symposiums and seminars associated with these objective.
  • To encourage volunteerism at a young age to inculcate sense of civic duties,
  • Provide assistance to various organizations for humanity purpose.
  • Provide a center to worship and learn religion.